Phases 58+ Delayed

Due to a deeply scratched Left Window in Phase 58, our build is on hold again. I have already ordered a replacement. Stay tuned!

Update May 24, 2021: I have received the replacement window!

5 thoughts on “Phases 58+ Delayed”

  1. I am still waiting for over a year for issue 37. They say backordered. I have not received any other issues for over three months now. Every time I call they just say the parts are backordered.

    1. I’m about to give up on Eaglemoss altogether! I’ve not received a consistent shipment since JUNE of last year.

      There’s NO excuse for this! I have two other kits on subscription (DeAgostini and Agora) and both of those are always ON TIME. No warehouse or Corona excuses. 🙄

      If by end of summer they don’t get their act together, I might as well cancel and never deal with them again. I should have been more than halfway done with this by now and I can’t get past a rolling chassis. 😡😡

    1. I just got my replacement, took a month. I won’t get caught up on the 300SL until next week at least.

  2. I haven’t received anything since March. I guess I’ll be stuck on Phase 10 for a while longer.

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