Phases 51+ Delayed

Once again, I have not received any issues in more than a month (since mid-July). I spoke to Eaglemoss and they said that Phase 52 is currently out of stock and will not be available until at least October 13. At minimum, we have another 3 month delay with this build.

Unfortunately, this continues to be a troubling trend for all of my part work builds. Delays from lack of availability is very common and not just with Eaglemoss. My DeAgostini and Hachette builds suffer from the same problem. Anyway, the build is on hold for now…

UPDATE Nov 14, 2020: I spoke with Eaglemoss and there is still no ETA on the next shipment. Four months with nothing and counting!

UPDATE Dec 8, 2020: I finally received a shipping notification for this model. However, it will contain Phases 51, 60, 62, and 63 so we will not be able to progress in the build much until the missing Phases arrive.

UPDATE Dec 19, 2020: I received a second shipping notification for Phases 64-67. I have still not received the ones from the 8th above.

8 thoughts on “Phases 51+ Delayed”

  1. recently acquired Eaglemoss as a sponsor. They’re doing a review of the 300SL buildup as a series. Like here, they allow commenting on posts. I’ve gotten a little traction there in the comments. Maybe stop by and add your $0.02.

  2. I just recently jumped into the 300SL Eaglemoss project. The original order was placed in November & I received 1-4 in December & 5-8 the other day. It’s discouraging to read about the experiences some of you guys are having with delays.

    I apologize for asking this, but I am new to this & I can’t quite seem to find the information anywhere. Just out of curiosity, how many total phases are there for this?

    1. I can understand your concern, but there is a ton of logistics going on behind the scenes. All of the partwork companies have delayed my shipments at one point or another, not just Eaglemoss. As for the phase count, the 300 SL has 100 total phases. FYI, I always put info like that on my BUILD pages.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply, I really appreciate it! This is a great website, by the way — I’m very happy to have found it as I get started in this particular hobby.

        I’ll be lurking around here quite a bit moving forward.

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