Phases 27+ Delayed

I noticed that I did not receive any issues last month (December 2019). I just spoke to Eaglemoss and they said that the Issue 8 magazine (not the parts) for Phases 27-30 is out of stock. It should be available again on January 13, so hopefully we can continue our model then.

This is a troubling trend for all of my part work builds. Delays from lack of availability is very common and not just with Eaglemoss. My DeAgostini and Hachette builds suffer from the same problem. I guess it is just what we have to get used to…

UPDATE Jan 17, 2020: I spoke to Eaglemoss today and they did receive these issues on the 13th and are currently processing them. They are expected to ship out next Tuesday, the 21st.

UPDATE Feb 5, 2020: Well, Eaglemoss now says these are not available again. The magazine is not in stock. Word is that they should now go out before March 12th.

UPDATE May 18, 2020: I finally received Phases 27-30, as well as the Specification Stand and Display Stand gifts. However, Phase 27 had a malformed part that is missing a mounting hole (see below) and Phase 30 had a hole in the bag and a few parts were missing. I had to call Eaglemoss and replace both phases. We shall see how long this takes…

UPDATE June 11, 2020: I have received my next shipment of Phases 31-34 and my replacement Phase 30, but I am still waiting on the re-ship of Phase 27.

UPDATE June 21, 2020: I finally received my replacement Phase 27. I also received Issue 10 containing Phases 35-38, so I will get to work!

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  1. Hello,

    By the time the predicted shipment should occur, they will be behind 2 additional shipments. Does Eaglemoss have any plans to “catch up?”

    1. Well, I have heard both answers. Sometimes, they tell me they restart the shipments from where you left off (dragging out the length of the entire build). Sometimes they tell me that they will ‘catch me up’ with multiple shipments containing the missing issues. So far, the first answer is what I have experienced.

  2. Well, I sent an email two weeks ago. Still no response. I packed the kit up and put it away until we get parts. This is crazy. They keep on advertising new kits and cannot provide the parts to build just one kit.

  3. Well, I put a call in two days ago and was told that the magazine/instructions had not yet been printed.
    they could not even give a guess as ti when that might happen !

    1. That’s the same thing EM tells me every time I call: the parts are in stock, but the magazine is unavailable.

  4. Hi just discovered this thread. I am in the same boat, no delivery since early December – last one was issue 26.
    I called customer service numerous times and always get the same answer, some items out of stock.
    While I understand that we are in difficult times, I don’t understand how they can be out of stock for 4 months.
    Why don’t they advise us, the subscribers, of the status of our subscription on a periodic basis , instead of all of us calling them. They could update their web site with current status and expected delivery . I have not even started the build as I was waiting to get more parts, but as of now, I am sorry I subscribed to this build up and not at all impressed with Eaglemoss customer service.

    1. Hello everybody that have replied, I am getting to the point I would like to cancel the subscription and return all unopened packages for a refund. There is another similar model by LeGrand that will be available spring 2021 that will be the complete kit (none of this absurd and wasteful subscription stuff). I really wanted to build both because they are different but my experience with Eaglemoss is frustrating at the very least. You can view this other Mercedes at the Model Motorcars web site ( and pre order if this interests you.

  5. Good news!!! I just received a shipment confirmation. I hope it’s what I’m due. We shall see.

    1. Same. Looks like we might have been waiting on some of the gifts too…

      GULUK001G x 1 – GUL Spec Plate
      GULUK003G x 1 – GUL Display Base
      GULUK027C x 1 – Gullwing Build-up Issue 27
      GULUK028C x 1 – Gullwing Build-up Issue 28
      GULUK029C x 1 – Gullwing Build-up Issue 29
      GULUK030C x 1 – Gullwing Build-up Issue 30
      GULUKBADGE x 1 – Mercedes Badge for Diplay Base

  6. Good news here too. Just got shipment confirmation. When I talked to customer service a few months ago, because of the delays, and to sort of catch up, I asked them to double up on the issues every moth. As a result i will receive issues 27 to 34 plus some of the gifts that were also out of stock. They said I would continue to receive “double” unless I told them to revert back to 4 issues per month.

  7. I also got shipments confirmation. Now let’s see how long it is before it actually ships.

  8. My parts finally came yesterday. I’m baffled as to why the Mercedes gets a base and not a clear case like the other models. I’m going to ask to buy a case from them.

  9. Are we out of stock again?
    Last shipment was on June 22, nothing in July, nothing in August so far.
    Tried getting in touch with customer service, no luck so far.
    Anybody got issues past #50?

  10. Got word from customer service that one item due in next shipment after issue 50 is out of stock. No word on when it will return to stock

  11. Has anyone had an update from CS? The last shipment I received was on June 22nd. That’s 5 months ago. And what’s really frustrating is no communication from them at all since then. This was my first purchase from Eaglemoss and it will probably be my last.

  12. Just got notification of a shipment. Strange but they are shipping issues 51, 60,61,62,63,64,65,66.
    I asked them to double up many months ago which is why I am getting 8 issues per shipment.
    Missing 52 to 59 but at least they are shipping what they have. Hopefully the missing issues, which include the main body, will be back in stock soon.

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