Halfway Update

By recently completing Phase 50 of this Eaglemoss/IXO 1:8 scale Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing partwork model, we are now exactly halfway through the build! Therefore, I figured I would take a moment to share my thoughts so far. Please note that while the header image above depicts our progress up to this point, it does not include the Hood, Grille, and Front Bumper which have yet to be installed.

First of all, I truly appreciate the extensive details of this model. From the pre-printed and pre-applied labels to the paint and finishes on the various parts. The interior carpet feels authentic and adds a nice touch, although I feel it should have covered the entire floor pan. The engine is nicely crafted, the steering wheel folds down accurately, and the suitcases even open. And, the tubular chassis is a real work of art!

I also enjoy the instructions, stories and information shared in the magazines. The instructions are clear and offer many tips and have not contained many errors. The rest of the magazine includes everything from the history of Motorsports and racing cars to the greatest drivers and tracks in history. There was a lot of work put into these magazines and it is worth recognizing.

Unfortunately, the build has also had some problems. This includes malformed, bent, and missing parts. There is so much metal included with the model that I have found myself having to bend or twist many of these parts to fit correctly. I am aware that items can be ‘damaged’ in shipping, but this just feels like bad Quality Assurance. I do eventually get the pieces to fit, but I shouldn’t have to. You will run into fitment issues throughout the build and just have to work through them.

Another thing is the inconsistency of part deliveries. While my experience building many partwork kits has shown that all of them suffer delays at one point or another, it does not make it any less aggravating. It takes over 2 years to build most of them and they cost a lot of money. I would think that these publishers would have the logistics under control by now.

Overall, after considering everything about this 300 SL model, I am still very happy! It is a great build with tons of details and accompanying information.  I have deep admiration for this car in real life and am looking forward to completing the build in the coming months.

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