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“Fit the battery box cover to the rear undertray. In your model, the battery box occupies the place of the fuel tank.”




  • 98A – Battery Box (Fuel Tank) Cover
  • 6x EP screws (+2 spare)

Materials: This Battery Box (Fuel Tank) Cover is plastic.


The Battery Box (Fuel Tank) Cover

Step 01

Retrieve your 300 SL and carefully turn it upside down on a soft cloth. Fit the Battery Box (Fuel Tank) Cover into the Rear Undertray opening as shown, and secure it to the Rear Undertray with six (6) EP screws.

The slot in this Battery Box (Fuel Tank) Cover should align over the main power switch on the Battery Box so you can access the switch:


It is odd to me that we just covered up access to the batteries with a screwed-in panel. Changing the batteries is already challenging enough due to the weight of this model! This is the only partwork vehicle I am building that does this.

Next Up

Phase 99 – Frame: Muffler Bottom, Tail Pipe Trim

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