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“Fit the rear left wheel arch liner to the main body shell and the trunk floor.”




  • 89A – Rear Left Wheel Arch Liner
  • 2x CM screws (+1 spare)
  • 4x HP screws (+1 spare)

Materials: This part is plastic.


The Rear Left Wheel Arch Liner

Step 01

Retrieve your Body assembly and carefully turn it upside down on a soft cloth. Make sure the Left Headlight and Left Door Switch wiring is tucked down into the rear left wheel opening, as shown:

I used a piece of grey electrical tape here to hold these wires in place and make sure they stayed where I wanted them:

Take these two wires, along with the Left Tail Light and Interior Light wires, and run them through this area near the Trunk Floor, as shown:

Step 02

Fit the Rear Left Wheel Arch Liner into the inside of the rear left wheel opening, aligning the screw holes.

The wiring should come up just in front of the tall post on the Trunk Floor:

Make sure the Interior Light wiring is routed like this to prevent any pinching or damage:

Secure the Rear Left Wheel Arch Liner to the Main Body Shell with two (2) CM screws, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Secure the Rear Left Wheel Arch Liner to the posts of the Trunk Floor with two (2) HP screws, as shown.

This step is what secures the front left edge of the Trunk Floor. Make sure the parts are correctly aligned:


Routing the wiring is the only tricky part of this phase. We don’t want to damage any of the cables!

Next Up

Phase 90 – Frame: Rear Right Wheel Arch Liner, Cable Clips/Tie

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