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“Fit the spare tire to the wheel rim, fix the spare wheel to the trunk floor, and then install the trunk floor into the main body shell.”




  • 84A – Spare Tire
  • 84B – Washer
  • 84C – Rim Lock
  • 2x MM screws (+1 spare)
  • 1x NP screw (+1 spare)

Materials: The Spare Tire is hard rubber and the other parts are plastic.


The Spare Tire

Step 01

The Spare Tire can be stiff at room temperature. You may want to soak the tire in hot water (170F/75C) for a few minutes to soften it:

Step 02

Slide the Spare Wheel Rim inside the Spare Tire and press along the sides to even it out. Take care to not damage the tiny inflation valve:

Step 03

Retrieve your Trunk Floor assembly. Fit this Spare Tire over the post of the Spare Wheel Support:

Fit one (1) NP screw through the Washer and secure the Spare Tire to the support, as shown.

Even fully tightened, my Spare Tire was still able to spin around:

Step 04

Press the Rim Lock into the center of the Spare Tire:

Step 05

Retrieve your Body assembly and carefully turn it upside down on a soft cloth. Fit the Trunk Floor into the rear of the body, aligning the rear posts of the Trunk Floor to the matching posts of the body, while making sure the tail light wires are clear (arrows below), as shown:

On my build, the Tool Kit we mounted to Trunk Floor got caught on the Trunk Wall here (arrow below). I needed to gently bend the Trunk Wall towards me to get the Tool Kit past it and allow the Trunk Floor to sit down correctly:

While holding the Trunk Floor assembly in place, secure it from above with two (2) MM screws.

At this point, only the rear edge of the Trunk Floor is attached:


We have spent the last three phases building this trunk interior, so it feels good to see it finally mounted in the car!

Next Up

Phase 85 – Frame: Front Left Engine Bay Liner, Brake Fluid Lines, Hood Release Latch

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