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“Install the fuel tank filler, the booster pump, tool kit, jack, and spare wheel support onto the trunk floor.”




  • 82A – Fuel Tank Filler Tube and Cap
  • 82B – Fuel Tank Booster Pump
  • 82C – Booster Pump Motor
  • 82D – Tool Kit
  • 82E – Jack
  • 82F – Spare Wheel Support
  • 4x HP screws (+3 spare)
  • 3x JP screws (+1 spare)

Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


The Trunk Floor Accessories

Step 01

Push the Booster Pump Motor over the large post of the Fuel Tank Booster Pump, as shown:

Retrieve your Trunk Floor from the previous phase. Fit the two posts of the Fuel Tank Booster Pump to this location on the Trunk Floor:

Secure the Booster Pump in place from the other side with two (2) JP screws:

Step 02

Fit the pin and post of the Tool Kit to this location on the Trunk Floor, behind the Booster Pump:

Secure the Tool Kit into place from below with one (1) JP screw:

Step 03

Fit the long post of the Spare Wheel Support up through the center of the Trunk Floor and align the screw holes, as shown:

Secure the Spare Wheel Support into place with two (2) HP screws:

Step 04

Press the long pin of the Jack down into the matching post on the right side of the Trunk Floor, fitting the ends of the Jack into the cradles:

Secure the Jack in place from below using one (1) JP screw:

Step 05

Press the Fuel Tank Filler Tube and Cap into the matching hole of the Trunk Floor. At the same time, feed the end of the Breather Tube (arrow below) into the small nearby hole.

There is a keyed tab on the bottom of the Fuel Tank Filler and Cap that matches a notch down in the hole, align these while inserting it. It may take some force to get it seated completely, just take care not to damage anything:

Secure the Fuel Tank Filler Tube and Cap into place from below with one (1) HP screw:

UPDATE: I did not realize it until I was halfway into the next issue, but this knurled ‘wheel’ had fallen off the forward end of my Jack. I found it just laying on my work surface and it took me a while to figure out what the heck it was. This just press-fits in place, and here it is where it is supposed to be:


Other than losing the wheel off my Jack, this phase went together well. I enjoy all these little details that will hide inside the trunk!

Next Up

Phase 83 – Wheels: Spare Wheel Rim

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