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“Fit the trunk lid to the main body shell, using two hinges and flanges, and the support rod that were supplied in phase 73.”




  • 74A – Trunk Lid and Lock
  • 2x BM screws (+1 spare)
  • 4x MM screws (+2 spare)

Materials: The only part in this phase is metal.


Installing the Trunk Lid

Step 01

Retrieve all of the parts supplied in the previous phase. Fit the alignment pin of the Trunk Support Rod Bracket into the smaller hole at this location of the Trunk Lid and Lock, align the larger screw hole, and secure the bracket to the trunk lid with one (1) BM screw as shown:

Step 02

Fit the Trunk Support Rod Clip to this location on the Trunk Lid and Lock as shown, and secure this with one (1) BM screw:

Step 03

Insert the angled end of the Trunk Support Rod into the hole of the Trunk Support Rod Bracket from the ‘outside’, and snap the straight end down in between the jaws of the Trunk Support Rod Clip, as shown:

Step 04

Fit the Left Trunk Lid Hinge (marked ‘L’) and the Right Trunk Lid Hinge (marked ‘R’) to the appropriate locations of the Trunk Lid and Lock as shown, and secure them down with two (2) MM screws, one on each side.

There are square recesses in the Trunk Lid and Lock that these Trunk Lid Hinges fit down into:

Step 05

Retrieve your Body assembly and carefully turn it upside down. Fit this Trunk Lid and Lock assembly to the trunk opening.

To get the Trunk Lid into the Main Body Shell, I had to loosen the MM screws on both hinges, insert the Trunk Lid, then re-tighten them:

The pins of both Trunk Lid Hinges needs to be sitting in these slots of the Main Body Shell:

Cover the pins of the Trunk Lid Hinges with the Trunk Hinge Flanges as shown and secure these flanges to the Main Body Shell with two (2) MM screws, one on each side:

That completes Phase 74! You should be able to open and close your Trunk Lid now. The Trunk Support Rod can be pulled down and stuck into this tiny hole (arrow below) to hold the Trunk Lid open. Mine stays open by itself, but the rod is an accurate touch!


This Trunk Lid and Lock part has pre-installed chrome logos and lock handle and is quite attractive. We are so close to a complete body!

Next Up

Phase 75 – Body: Windshield Air Vent Grille, Windshield Wipers, Side Mirror

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