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“Fit the hood to the main body shell with two hinges and the hood support arm.”




  • 72A – Hood Support Bracket
  • 72B – Hood Hinge Flanges
  • 72C – Left Hood Hinge
  • 72D – Right Hood Hinge
  • 72E – Hood Support Arm
  • 1x BM screw (+1 spare)
  • 6x CM screw (+2 spare)
  • 1x UM screw (+1 spare)

Materials: Everything in this phase is metal!


Installing the Hood

Step 01

Retrieve your Hood assembly from Phase 01. Fit the Hood Support Bracket to this location and secure it to the Hood with one (1) BM screw, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Fit the Hood Support Arm to the upright flange of the Hood Support Bracket with the bent end (arrow below) angled towards the center of the Hood, as shown:

Secure the Hood Support Arm to the Hood Support Bracket with one (1) UM screw:

Step 03

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous phase and fit this Hood assembly to the matching opening at the front of the car.

Be sure not to trap the Hood Support Arm between the Hood and the Body:

Hold the Hood in place and carefully turn the Body assembly upside down.

I recommend taping down anything that can move at this point just to make life easier, such as the Hood and both Doors. I used painter’s tape here:

Fit the Left Hood Hinge (marked ‘L’) to this location on the Hood so the hinge pin fits into the matching recess, and secure the hinge down with one (1) CM screw as shown:

Repeat this on the right side with the Right Hood Hinge (marked ‘R’) with one (1) more CM screw, as shown:

Step 04

Cover the pin of the Left Hood Hinge with a Hood Hinge Flange, aligning the screw holes:

Secure this Hood Hinge Flange to the Body assembly using two (2) CM screws, as shown:

Repeat this process on the right side with the remaining Hood Hinge Flange and two (2) more CM screws:

That completes Phase 72! You should now be able to open and close your Hood:

Strangely, on my model, when closed, the Hood would not sit flush at the right rear:

This required removing the two CM screws we installed back in Step 03, pulling the Hood out, and gently bending it with my bare hands. This is not easy as the metal of the Hood is pretty thick and I did not want to damage anything. It took about 6 removal-and-replace sequences to get it right. I also had to leave one of the removed CM screws loosened as it was pulling the Hood up at that corner. Since there are other screws to remove if I need to get the Hood out again, I chose to super glue that pesky CM screw to keep it from falling out. But in the end, my Hood is now sitting nicely:


I wish metal body pieces fit together better right out of the packaging, but I get it, and it’s not a terribly hard fix. What I do not like is that the color of the paint on my Hood does not quite match the Body. The same goes for the Doors, only one matches the Body color. Eaglemoss could have done better here.

Next Up

Phase 73 – Body: Trunk Lid Hinges/Flanges, Trunk Support Rod/Bracket/Clip

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