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“Fit the license plate, left and right bumper brackets, and fog lamps to the rear bumper, then fit the bumper onto the main body shell.”




  • 69A – Rear License Plate
  • 69B – Left Bumper Bracket (L)
  • 69C – Right Bumper Bracket (R)
  • 69D – Rear Fog Lamps
  • 2x EP screws (+1 spare)
  • 4x JP screws (+2 spare)
  • 2x MM screws (+1 spare)

Materials: The Bumper Brackets are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


The Rear License Plate

Step 01

Retrieve your Rear Bumper assembly from the previous phase. Fit the two posts of the Rear License Plate into the matching holes of the Rear Bumper, as shown.

Make sure you install this Rear License Plate the right way up:

Secure the Rear License Plate into place from behind with two (2) JP screws:

Step 02

Fit the Left Bumper Bracket (marked ‘L’) inside the Rear Bumper, lining up the screw hole, and aligning the locating hole over this alignment pin (circled below), as shown:

Secure the Left Bumper Bracket to the Rear Bumper with one (1) JP screw:

In the same way, fit the Right Bumper Bracket (marked ‘R’) on the other end of the Rear Bumper, and secure it into place with one (1) more JP screw:

Step 03

Fit a Rear Fog Lamp to this square post on the left end of the Rear Bumper and secure into place with one (1) EP screw.

This square post is keyed and matches a tab on the Rear Fog Lamp to align it correctly:

Repeat this process to attach the other Rear Fog Lamp to the same square post on the right end of the Rear Bumper using one (1) more EP screw:

Step 04

Retrieve your Body assembly from Phase 67. Slide the L-shaped ends of the Rear Bumper Brackets into the matching slots at the rear of the Body assembly, as shown:

Align the screw holes and secure the Rear Bumper Brackets to the Main Body Shell using two (2) MM screws, one on each side as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


It is too bad that the Rear Fog Lamps don’t light up, but the Rear Bumper looks really good now that is mounted on the car!

Next Up

Phase 70 – Body: Headlights, Headlight Holders, Turn Signal Lights, LEDs and Wires

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