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“Fit the visors and their brackets to the front roof liner, and fit the hinge cylinder barrels, interior light cover and LED, plus wire clamps.”




  • 64A – Front Roof Liner
  • 64B – Visors
  • 64C – Visor Brackets
  • 64D – Front Hinge Cylinder Barrels
  • 64E – Interior Light Cover
  • 64F – LED and Wires
  • 64G – Wire Clamps
  • 1x AP screw (+1 spare)
  • 4x EP screws (+2 spare)
  • 2x QP screws (+1 spare)

Materials: The Front Hinge Cylinder Barrels are metal and the rest of the parts in this phase are plastic.


The Front Roof Liner

Step 01

Insert the pin of a Visor Bracket into this hole of one of the Visors, as shown.

This will fit loosely until we secure it later in this step:

Push the pin on the other end of the Visor into this slot of the Front Roof Liner, as shown:

Secure the Visor Bracket to the Front Roof Liner with one (1) EP screw.

Once this screw is installed, you should be able to rotate the visor up and down:

Repeat the previous process for the remaining Visor on the other side of the Front Roof Liner using one (1) more EP screw:

Step 02

Fit the eyelet of one of the Front Hinge Cylinder Barrels to this location on the Front Roof Liner and secure it with one (1) EP screw:

Repeat this process on the other side with the remaining Front Hinge Cylinder Barrel and one (1) more EP screw:

Step 03

Press the pin and post of the Interior Light Cover into place at this location on the Front Roof Cover:

Secure the Interior Light Cover into place from the other side with one (1) AP screw:

Step 04

From the same side, push the LED of the LED and Wires into the hole behind the Interior Light Cover, as shown:

Carefully bend the leads of the LED towards the back so the wires are flush with the Front Roof Liner.

Try to do this only once. Excessive bending of these LED leads can break them:

Step 05

Make sure the LED wires are running along the screw posts in the center of the Front Roof Liner, like this:

Attach the two Wire Clamps to the liner with two (2) QP screws, one for each. The wires should be captured under the rounded ends:


I was curious how much lighting this 300 SL would actually have. At least we will have headlights, tail lights, and an interior light!

Next Up

Phase 65 – Interior: Rear Roof Liner, Rear Hinge Cylinder Barrels

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