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“Fit the left door headliner and the left window, with its pre-fitted quarter light complete with hinge and handle.”

This phase was long time coming as the first Left Window I received was damaged with this huge scratch. I had to wait for a replacement:



  • 58A – Left Door Headliner
  • 58B – Left Window

Materials: The Left Door Headliner is plastic, while the Left Window is plastic and SAN (Styrene-AcryloNitrile resin).


The Left Door Headliner and Window

Step 01

Retrieve your Left Door from the previous phase. Fit the Left Door Headliner to the inside of the Left Door as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

NOTE: Eaglemoss recommends wearing gloves while installing these clear parts to avoid leaving fingerprints.

Fit the two tabs on the top edge of the Left Window into the matching slots on the outside of the Left Door upper window opening, then clip the two bottom tabs in to seat the window. Be sure to press on the metal door and not the fragile window:


Two quick steps and we have completed the top half of the Left Door!

Next Up

Phase 59 – Interior: Left Door Inner Panel

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