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“Install the On-Off toggle switch and wires to the dashboard and position the On-Off button. Attach the speedometer and rev counter, supplied in [Phase 03], to the instrument panel. Then fix the instrument panel to the dashboard. Finally, insert the steering column and fit the control arms.”




  • 49A – On-Off Switch and Wires
  • 49B – On-Off Button
  • 4x EP screws (+2 spare)
  • 2x MP screws (+1 spare)

Materials: Everything non-electrical in this phase is plastic.


The Switch and Wires

Step 01

Retrieve your Dashboard assembly from the previous phase. Push the ‘switch’ on the end of the On-Off Switch and Wires into this square housing on the back of the Dashboard assembly, as shown.

You can slide the wires of the switch through this slot in the Dashboard. Then, seat the switch fully into the square opening with the wires/pin on the back of the switch at the top. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of it fully seated in the opening:

Step 02

Retrieve everything we build back in Phase 03, except for the Steering Wheel assembly. Press the Speedometer and Rev Counter into the matching holes of the Dashboard/Instrument Panel assembly from behind.

There is a small alignment pin on the back of the Instrument Panel to align and hold the gauges into place. Make sure they are facing upright:

The instructions mention two small tabs on the bottom of the gauges, but mine did not have them. The gauges just snap into place and should be flush against the back of the Instrument Panel:

Once the gauges are seated fully into place (with no glue required), they should look like this from the front:

Step 03

Insert the On-Off Button through this hole of the Dashboard/Instrument Panel from behind so it sticks out the front, as shown:

Step 04

Fit this Dashboard/Instrument Panel onto the face of the Dashboard, as shown.

Make sure the collar of the On-Off Button aligns with the switch behind it and engages it. Pushing the On-Off Button should operate the switch:

Secure these parts together from behind the Dashboard with four (4) EP screws, as shown:

Step 05

Insert the post end of the Steering Column through this hole of the Dashboard from behind, ensuring that this flat surface is facing down:

Secure the Steering Column into place from behind with two (2) MP screws:

Step 06

Slide the Turn Signals and Windshield Wiper Stalks over the front post of the Steering Column, aligning the flat edge of the Turn Signals to the matching flat surface of the Steering Column, as shown:

The bends of the stalks should be towards the driver:


I feel this Dashboard looks really sharp! It is a little disappointing that it does not light up, but it is still really nice.

Next Up

Phase 50 – Dashboard: Dashboard Support Frame/Struts, Steering Shaft

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