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“Fit the ashtray cover and rear-view mirror to the dashboard.”




  • 48A – Dashboard
  • 48B – Dashboard Ashtray Cover
  • 48C – Rear-view Mirror Bracket
  • 48D – Rear-view Mirror
  • 1x DP screw (+1 spare)
  • 1x HP screw (+1 spare)

Materials: Everything in this phase is made of plastic.


The Dashboard

Step 01

Fit the post and pin of the Dashboard Ashtray Cover to this location on the Dashboard:

Secure these together from below with one (1) DP screw:

Step 02

Fit the keyed base of the Rear-view Mirror Bracket to this location on the Dashboard, as shown:

Secure these together from below with one (1) HP screw:

Step 03

Fit the D-shaped hole of the Rear-view Mirror over the matching pin of the Rear-view Mirror Bracket, as shown:

These parts are quite fragile, so you may not want to attach this just yet. It can be attached at a later time if that is safer. If you do attach it now, like I have, it is normal that it angles a little towards the driver’s seat:


The steps in this phase were simple enough, but do remember to take care of the rear-view mirror as it is quite fragile.

Next Up

Phase 49 – Dashboard: On-Off Switch and Wires, On-Off Button

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