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“Stow both of the suitcases in the luggage compartment, secure them both in place using the previously assembled straps, and then fix the suitcase rear anchor frame in place.”




  • 47A – Small Suitcase

Materials: This Large Suitcase is pre-assembled and made from a mix of plastic, PVC vinyl, and metal.

Magazine – Issue 13

  • Assembly Guide: Model Instructions
  • Track Legends: BMW 3.0 CSL & Corvette C3/C4
  • The Story of Motorsports: The “Voiturettes” & Rallies
  • Ace Racers: Ernes Merck
  • Challenging Circuits: Silverstone


The Suitcases

This Small Suitcase contains the same intricate details as the Large Suitcase from the previous phase:

Step 01

Temporarily move the Suitcase Rear Anchor Frame (and straps) towards the front of the car and place the Large Suitcase (from the previous phase) into the luggage compartment:

Also, take note of these four small silver ‘bumps’, they match the holes in the bottom of the Small Suitcase to align it into place:

Stack the Small Suitcase on top (with both suitcase handles towards the front):

Step 02

Bring the Suitcase Rear Anchor Frame to the rear of the car and push the central pin into this matching hole of the Luggage Compartment Outer Panel, as shown:

Press the remaining four pins into their matching holes as well:

Take care when handling the car from this point forward, as to not dislodge the suitcases (especially when turning the chassis upside down):


Again, the quality of these suitcases is superb!

Next Up

Phase 48 – Dashboard: Dashboard, Ashtray Cover, Rear View Mirror/Bracket

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