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“In this phase, you receive the large suitcase to stow in the luggage compartment. There is no assembly required.”




  • 46A – Large Suitcase

Materials: This Large Suitcase is pre-assembled and made from a mix of plastic, PVC vinyl, and metal.


The Large Suitcase

There are no assembly steps in this phase, but I wanted to take some pictures of the Large Suitcase details:

The two latches can be lifted…

… and the suitcase opened to reveal the patterned interior:

If you want, you can even fit the Large Suitcase into the car’s luggage compartment to store it for now:


There was nothing to do here as we need the other suitcase supplied in the next phase to continue. Still, I am impressed by the quality of this Large Suitcase!

Next Up

Phase 47 – Interior: Small Suitcase

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