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“Assemble and fix the left seat and its cushions to the floor pan.”




  • 40A – Left Seat Housing
  • 40B – Left Seat Bottom Cushion
  • 40C – Left Seat Back Cushion
  • 40D – Washer
  • 4x MP screw (+2 extra)
  • 3x NP screw (+1 extra)


The Left Seat

Before we start, I want to mention that you may see these ‘cushions’ arrive with a strange blotchy orange appearance, like this:

I am not sure what this was, but it does wipe off with a towel and some water!

Step 01

Fit the two posts of the Left Seat Back Cushion into the matching holes on top of the Left Seat Bottom Cushion, as shown:

Secure these parts together from below with two (2) NP screws:

Step 02

Fit the four posts on the bottom of the Cushion assembly into the Left Seat Housing, matching up the screw holes as shown.

Be careful not to damage the tiny seat adjuster lever at the front edge of the Left Seat Housing:

Secure these pieces together from below with four (4) MP screws:

Step 03

Retrieve your Interior assembly from the previous phase. Fit the posts on the bottom of this Seat assembly to the left side of the Floor Pan so the posts slide into the three slots, as shown:

Secure the seat to the Floor Pan from below using the Washer and one (1) NP screw.

The instructions say not to tighten this screw too much so the seat can move, but I tightened it all the way and the seat easily slides back and forth:


I really thought these seats would have been hard plastic, but the cushions are actually a pliable PVC vinyl with a foam core. That means they are a little squishy to the touch. Nice! The Seat Housing is plastic though.

Running Total of screws used so far: 239

Next Up

Phase 41 – Interior: Seat (Right)

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