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“Fit the brake pedal and switch, the accelerator and clutch pedals, the gear shift lever and the hand brake.”




  • 38A – Brake Pedal
  • 38B – Brake Pedal Switch and Wiring
  • 38C – Brake Pedal Switch Base
  • 38D – Accelerator Pedal
  • 38E – Clutch Pedal
  • 38F – Gear Shift Lever
  • 38G – Hand Brake Lever
  • 38H – Brake Switch Bracket
  • 38I – Spring
  • 1x EP screw (+1 extra)
  • 1x GP screw (+1 extra)
  • 6x HP screws (+2 extra)
  • 1x MP screw (+1 extra)

Materials: Everything non-electrical in this phase is plastic.


The Pedals, the Gear Shift, and the Hand Brake

Step 01

Retrieve your Floor Pan assembly from the previous phase. Secure the tab of the Accelerator Pedal to this hole of the Floor Pan with one (1) EP screw, as shown:

Step 02

Slide the loop end of the Brake Pedal between these matching loops of the Clutch Pedal, aligning the holes as shown:

Secure these together from this side with one (1) GP screw, as shown.

Do not over-tighten this screw as the pedal should be able to move freely:

Slide the Spring over the ‘forked’ post on the back of the Brake Pedal:

Step 03

Fit this Clutch Pedal assembly over these two posts of the Floor Pan and secure it down with two (2) HP screws, as shown:

Press the ‘forked’ post of the Brake Pedal through this hole in the Floor Pan, making sure the Spring stays in place:

Step 04

Fit the Brake Pedal Switch and Wiring into this fork of the Brake Pedal Switch Base, as shown.

My Brake Pedal Switch Base apparently came apart during shipping, I had to super glue it back together:

Secure the Brake Switch Bracket on top of this assembly (with the short posts facing up) using two (2) HP screws, as shown:

Fit the Brake Switch Bracket over these matching pin and post on the bottom of the Floor Pan, as shown, and secure with one (1) HP screw:

Make sure that the ‘forked’ post of the Brake Pedal aligns with and presses the Brake Switch when pushed:

Step 05

Fit the keyed post of the Gear Shift Lever down into this matching socket of the Floor Pan.

This actually fits either way, but it doesn’t seem to matter which way it goes:

Secure this from below with one (1) HP screw:

Step 06

Fit the post and pin of the Hand Brake Lever into these matching holes of the Floor Pan:

Secure this from below with one (1) MP screw:


It is interesting to see the 300 SL interior start coming together. I am curious if we will have to deal with more carpet in upcoming phases.

Next Up

Phase 39 – Interior: Luggage Compartment Carpet

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