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“Fit the self-adhesive carpeting to the interior of the floor pan.”




  • 37A – Left Carpet
  • 37B – Right Carpet
  • 37C – Center Carpet

Materials: These carpets are made from self-adhesive TPR felt.


The Interior Carpets

TIP: Stick the carpets in place loosely until you are sure they fit correctly all the way around. They can be carefully peeled off the plastic floor if you make a mistake. When you are sure the fit is correct, you can press them down firmly.

Step 01

Retrieve the Floor Pan from the previous phase. Carefully peel the backing paper from the Left Carpet.

When applying larger ‘stickers’ like this, I like to cut half of the backing paper away at a time:

Align the front edge of the Left Carpet to the matching edge at the front left of the Floor Pan, making sure this hole lines up:

Working towards the back, gently press the Left Carpet into the contours of the Floor Pan, ensuring the circular ‘cutouts’ of the Left Carpet fit around these sockets of the Floor Pan.

Once the front section was secured the way I wanted, I then removed the remaining backing paper and fit the rear half of the carpet into place:

Step 02

Following the same procedure as the first carpet, fit the Right Carpet to the right side of the Floor Pan ensuring the two circular ‘cutouts’ fit around these two sockets:

Step 03

Apply this Center Carpet in the same way as the others. Align the front edge (wider end of the cone shape) to the front edge of the transmission tunnel. The left and right edges should neatly butt up against the Left Carpet and Right Carpet when installed, as shown.

I started on the left side of the transmission tunnel…

Moving from left to right, I carefully stuck the carpet to the Floor Pan

… until the right side was secured into place:

NOTE: As you could probably see above, the right edge of the Center Carpet did not line up very well and laid on top of the Right Carpet. It bugged me enough that I returned to this step after I completed Phase 38 and used my hobby knife to trim off the excess carpet:


The carpets are a nice deep red and the material is decent, but the shapes are not perfect and could have been improved on. At least we got carpet – many of my other car partwork build do not include any at all.

Next Up

Phase 38 – Interior: Pedals, Brake Pedal Switch/Spring/Bracket, Gear Shift Lever, Hand Brake Lever

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