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“Begin to assemble the radiator with its hoses and radiator top.”




  • 34A – Radiator Housing
  • 34B – Radiator Hose A
  • 34C – Radiator Hose B
  • 34D – Radiator Top
  • 34E – Radiator Hose C
  • 1x CP screw (+1 extra)
  • 2x EP screws (+1 extra)
  • 1x HP screw (+1 extra)
  • 1x QP screw (+1 extra)

Materials: All of the parts in this phase are plastic.


The Radiator

Step 01

Fit the tab of Radiator Hose B over the recessed end of Radiator Hose A as shown, and secure them together with one (1) CP screw:

Step 02

Secure the loop end of Radiator Hose A to this location on the Radiator Top as shown (closest to the filler cap), with one (1) HP screw.

Once I installed this screw, I tried to rotate the Radiator Hose A a little to center it and it snapped right off. Don’t do that!

After a few drops of super glue, I was able to carry on without any more problems:

Step 03

Secure the loop end of Radiator Hose C to this location on the Radiator Top as shown, with one (1) QP screw:

Step 04

Position this Radiator Top assembly onto the top of the Radiator Housing as shown, aligning the long rounded mounting tabs on the inside. Then, secure the Radiator Top assembly to the Radiator Housing with two (2) EP screws:


Even though this phase was short and simple, I still managed to break something! No worries though, it was easily fixed and the glued parts will never be seen.

Next Up

Phase 35 – Engine: Radiator Honeycombs, Cooled Water Return Pipe, Oil Cooler Line

3 thoughts on “PHASE 34”

  1. I still have not received phase 34 9RADIATOR TOP AND HOSES, as of this date. I have received all others
    up to phase 51 ELECTRICAL BOARD. I have repeatedly asked when I might receive #34 an the people , although very nice, do not seem to have a clue. This now has been going on for months since the middle of the year 2020. Does anyone have any further knowledge about this ?, or am I THE ONLY ONE?

    1. Eaglemoss was so-so with shipments before Covid, now it is worse. But, while they authorize payments on a schedule, they do not take the money unless something ships.

  2. I too have had many issues in receiving parts since completing the overall frame work with attached wheels. I have since called Eaglemoss, and was informed that no further parts have been shipped out due to the windshield being out of stock. I did begin to receive more parts after informing the associate to skip the windshield for now and continue with further other pieces. Not a fan of their product not being fully available as promised to complete the build. Overall though, the model detail and build quality has been great!

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