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“Assemble and fit the oil reservoir and brake booster vacuum tank to the left side of the main chassis.”




  • 27A – Oil Reservoir Left Side
  • 27B – Oil Reservoir Cap
  • 27C – Oil Reservoir Filler Tube
  • 27D – Oil Reservoir Right Side
  • 27E – Reservoir Rear Bracket
  • 27F – Reservoir Front Bracket
  • 27G – Brake Booster Vacuum Tank
  • 27H – Vacuum Tank Top Bracket
  • 4 x EM screws (+2 extra)
  • 1 x EP screw (+1 extra)
  • 1x HP screw (+1 extra)
  • 1x NP screw (+1 extra)

Materials: Everything in this phase is plastic, except for the two metal reservoir brackets.

Magazine – Issue 8

  • Assembly Guide: Model Instructions
  • Track Legends: Mercedes-Benz SLR and Bentley 4.5 Liter
  • The Story of Motorsports: Targa Florio
  • Ace Racers: Fritz Riess
  • Challenging Circuits: Bremgarten


The Oil Reservoir

Step 01

Fit the tab of the Oil Reservoir Filler Tube to the Oil Reservoir Right Side aligning the screw hole and notch. The pins on the Oil Reservoir Filler Tube should face towards the outside edge of the Oil Reservoir Right Side as shown. Secure this with one (1) EP screw.

This won’t fit well the other way around, so you can easily tell which way is correct:

Press the post of the Oil Reservoir Cap into the opening at the top of the Oil Reservoir Filler Tube:

Step 02

Fit the tab of the Reservoir Rear Bracket through this hole of the Oil Reservoir Right Side

Take note that the Reservoir Rear Bracket is the longer of the two brackets and J-shaped:

… then align the screw hole on the inside and secure with one (1) HP screw:

Do the same with the Reservoir Front Bracket and the Oil Reservoir Left Side, securing it with one (1) HP screw.

My Reservoir Front Bracket was very malformed and unusable. It appears like it melted somehow. I had to order a replacement set of parts for this phase to carry on with my build. It took over a month to get the replacement parts:

With the undamaged part, we can continue with this step:

Finally, join the Oil Reservoir Right Side and Oil Reservoir Left Side together as shown…

… and secure the halves together with two (2) NP screws:

Step 03

Retrieve your Chassis assembly.  Align the top screw holes of both reservoir brackets to this location and secure with two (2) EM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Secure the bottom of the reservoir brackets to the underside of the chassis at this location with two (2) more EM screws.

When turning the car over, I found that my screw organizer box works perfectly as a little stand. It is just high enough to keep the weight of the chassis off of the delicate engine bits:

This type of support really helps with installing these bottom screws. You may need to bend these Brackets a little to line up the holes:

Step 04

Push the Vacuum Tank Top Bracket into the opening of the Brake Booster Vacuum Tank, aligning the tab and notch so it sits flush.

This is a push-fit, so no glue is needed. It will be held together by the next steps:

Clip the top of the Vacuum Tank Top Bracket over this bar of the tubular frame, as shown:

Secure the bottom of the Brake Booster Vacuum Tank to the underside of the chassis with one (1) NP screw, as shown:


There has been quite a few times during this build that I feel like I have to bend things a little to make them fit. It is not terrible, but with the tubular frame especially, it is like some things are off by just a bit and the metal does not bend easily. Still, I am excited that the replacement phase arrived and we can carry on with the model!

Next Up

Phase 28 – Frame: Oil Reservoir Tank/Cap, Brake Booster Vacuum Tank

2 thoughts on “PHASE 27”

  1. Hi! I’m soooooo glad that I found your site! I had subscribed to this kit from Eaglemoss, but when I stopped getting parts from them over a year ago, I decided recently to see if I could get the ENTIRE kit. Well, fortunately someone in France was selling the whole kit on eBay, so I decided to buy the kit from him and it showed up at my door just the other day.

    I could not get this thing past a rolling chassis with all the endless holdups from Eaglemoss, so when I got the kit in my house, I called them and CANCELLED the subscription and I doubt I’ll ever buy anything from the ever again. I’m stuck on phase #27, so I figured I’ll pick up where I left off and your site will come in VERY handy. While I do get the magazines for each issue, it’s all in French which means I gotta take time to translate what’s said as some things are not translatable from French to English and vice versa.

    Thanks for posting this online and I’m saving your pages as future reference!



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