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“Fit the tire onto the rear right rim, attach the brake drum and the brake backing plate, fix the wheel to the half shaft and fit the hub cap. Then fit brake lines 4 & 5 to the main chassis.”

As this is the final wheel to build, these steps should feel very familiar.



  • 26A – Right Rear Tire
  • 26B – Right Rear Rim
  • 26C – Brake Drum
  • 26D – Backing Plate
  • 26E – Hub Cap
  • 26F – Brake Line 4
  • 26G – Brake Line 5
  • 26H – Washer
  • 3 x MM screws (+1 extra)
  • 1 x TM screw (+1 extra)
  • 1x AP screw (+1 extra)

Materials: The rim is metal, the tire is PVC rubber, and the rest is all plastic.


The Rear Right Wheel

Step 01

The Rear Right Tire can be stiff at room temperature. You may want to soak the tire in hot water (170F/75C) for a few minutes to soften it:

Step 02

Slide the Rear Right Rim inside the Rear Right Tire and press along the sides to even it out. Take care to not damage the tiny inflation valve:

Step 03

Place the Brake Drum over the two posts inside the Rear Right Rim, and secure with two (2) MM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 04

Fit the Backing Plate on to the Right Rear Half Shaft Spindle, aligning the notch of the plate to the tab on the spindle:

Step 05

Slide the wheel assembly over the spindle, insert the Washer into the center of the wheel, then secure it all with one (1) MM screw.

If you tighten this enough, it will crack the washer. It should still be OK:

Step 06

Press the Hub Cap onto the center of the wheel.

Since we may need to remove or re-tighten the wheels down the line, my Hub Cap is just in far enough to hold in place for now:

Step 07

Turn the chassis upside down and press the pin end of Brake Line 4 into this hole in the Backing Plate, as shown:

Do NOT bend the brake lines, they are not meant to be flexible. The line should run between the chassis tubes:

The circle end should line up with this hole in the Differential Housing:

Align the circle end of Brake Line 4 with the circle end of Brake Line 5, as shown, and secure to them both to the Differential Housing with one (1) TM screw:

Secure the square end of Brake Line 5 to the remaining screw hole of Brake Line 3 (from the previous phase) with one (1) AP screw:

We have a rolling chassis! This point in the build is a pretty good milestone to remember, so I took a photo of the total progress so far:


Our final wheel has been installed! I am really impressed by the intricate details of the 300 SL design.

Next Up

Phase 27 – Frame: Oil Tank/Cap, Vacuum Tank

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