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“Assemble the universal joint and fit it to the differential, then connect the assembly to the rear half-shafts and the chassis.”




  • 23A – Differential Housing (Bottom)
  • 23B – Differential Housing (Top)
  • 23C – Universal Joint Fork
  • 23D – Universal Joint Block
  • 1 x CM screw (+1 extra)
  • 1 x GM screw (+1 extra)
  • 5 x OM screws (+2 extra)

Materials: All of the parts in this phase are metal.

Magazine – Issue 7

  • Assembly Guide: Model Instructions
  • Track Legends: Mercedes-Benz R230 and the first Porsche 911s
  • The Story of Motorsports: The 1.5 Liter Formula
  • Ace Racers: Robert Benoist
  • Challenging Circuits: Mexican Panamericana


The Differential

Step 01

Slide the Universal Joint Block between the jaws of the Universal Joint Fork, as shown. Secure with one (1) GM screw.

One hole of the Universal Joint Fork is larger than the other, this is the side to feed the screw through. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Fit the tab of the Universal Joint Block over the hole at the front of the Differential Housing (Bottom) and secure with one (1) CM screw:

Step 03

Retrieve the main chassis and turn it upside down. Place the Differential Housing (Top) into the chassis as shown. Make sure both half shafts slot into the recesses of the housing.

Be careful not to damage any of the delicate engine parts when the chassis is flipped over. On my model, the tab on the left side half shaft was too wide and would not sit all the way into the housing. I needed to grind off a little of each end of the tab to make it fit.

Also, you will likely need to squeeze the shafts towards the center of the car to get them to reach the housing slots. This may require a helper:

Fit the Differential Housing (Bottom) assembly over the top of the Differential Housing (Top) so the half shafts are captured in between, and secure both housings together with two (2) OM screws.

This can be tricky without some outside help, but I was able to wiggle it around in there until the housing halves came together:

Flip the entire chassis back upright. Attach the rear of the housing to the chassis with one (1) OM screw. Then, attach the front of the housing to the chassis with two (2) OM screws, as shown:


This should have been a nice simple phase, but sadly it required a little grinding and swearing. Getting the half shafts to stay inside the housing while you are trying to wrangle the housings into place can be frustrating, but it is doable.

Next Up

Phase 24 – Wheels: Rear Tire/Wheel (Single), Brake Lines

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