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“Fit the tire on to the front right wheel rim, attach the brake drum and support plate, fix the wheel onto the spindle and fit the hub cap. Then repeat for the left front wheel that was supplied and partly assembled in Phase 2.”




  • 21A – Front Right Tire
  • 21B – Front Right Drum
  • 21C – Brake Drum
  • 21D – Support Plate and Brake Pipe
  • 21E – Hub Cap
  • 21F – Washers
  • 4 x MM screws (+2 extra)

Materials: The Front Right Rim is metal, and the Front Right Tire is PVC rubber, and the rest of the parts are plastic.


The Front Right Wheel

Step 01

The Front Right Tire can be stiff at room temperature. You may want to soak the tire in hot water (170F/75C) for a few minutes to soften it:

Step 02

Slide the Front Right Rim inside the Front Right Tire and press along the sides to even it out. Take care to not damage the tiny inflation valve:

Step 03

Place the Brake Drum over the two posts inside the Front Right Rim, and secure with two (2) MM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 04

Fit the Support Plate and Brake Pipe over the right steering knuckle, aligning the notch in both:

Step 05

Slide the completed wheel assembly over the post on the right spindle. Fit one of the Washers over one (1) MM screw:

Secure the wheel to the chassis.

Even fully tight, the wheel should be able to turn. Mine is even a little wobbly which means I may add another washer later on:

Step 06

Push the Hub Cap onto the center of the wheel.

Since we may need to remove or re-tighten the wheels down the line, my Hub Cap is just in far enough to hold in place for now:

Step 07-08

Retrieve the Support Plate and Brake Lines and wheel assembly from Phase 02. As we did before, fit the Support Plate and Brake Lines over the left steering knuckle, aligning the notch in both. Then mount the wheel assembly with a Washer and one (1) MM screw:

Step 09

Retrieve the Hubcap from Phase 02 and fit it to the center of this wheel:


Hey, look at that, our 300 SL finally has some wheels on it! We also were able to use some parts we have been storing for months. I must say, the chassis is looking pretty sharp so far.

Next Up

Phase 22 – Suspension: Rear Half Shafts, Rear Springs/Dampers

3 thoughts on “PHASE 21”

  1. Hi Bruce, you made the comment that your front wheels are a little wobbly. Mine are also. Have you been able to fix that ? You mentioned adding a washer?? Did that work and if so what kind? Thanks

  2. If you mean me, my name is Todd 🙂 I have not returned back to the wheels just yet, but any washer that will fit into the wheel and over the screw should work. We are just trying to make it tighter when the screw is fully in.

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