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“In this phase, we explain how to install the three oil lines and the high-pressure line.”

You may need a little super glue in this phase.



  • 12A – High-Pressure Oil Line
  • 12B – Oil Line 1
  • 12C – Oil Line 2
  • 12D – Oil Line 3

Materials: All of the parts in this phase are plastic.


  • Phillip-head Screwdriver (appears to be size PH0)


Oil Lines and High-Pressure Oil Line

Step 01

Retrieve the engine assembly from the previous phase and take note of the holes circled below:

Then, press the Oil Line 1 into these holes on the left side of the engine.

The lower hole is vertical in the oil pan, so be careful inserting this end:

Step 02

Press the Oil Line 2 into these holes on the left side of the engine:

The upper hole here on my Left Engine Block was just too small and required a tiny bit of drilling to open it up enough to fit the line. Also, I needed to use a drop of super glue to secure the lower connection.

Step 03

Press the Oil Line 3 into these holes on the left side of the engine:

Step 04

Press the High-Pressure Oil Line into these holes on the right side of the engine:

Make sure to route this correctly: it should go along the intake manifold, then curve towards the engine. I super glued the rear connection and where it touches the bracket on the intake manifold (circled below):


After this super short phase, the engine itself is now fully assembled and I think it is looking wonderful! We will move on to the transmission (gearbox) in the next phase, and then install them both into the beautiful metal tubular chassis in Phase 14.

Next Up

Phase 13 – Engine: Gearbox/Gearshift Housings, Front Drive Shaft Support, Clutch Housing

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