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“In this phase, the parts of the engine intake hose will be assembled and fixed to the engine cylinder head.”




  • 08A – Engine Intake Hose
  • 08B – Intake Pipes Heat Shield
  • 08C – Intake Hose Branch
  • 08D – Inlet Host Parts
  • 08E – Intake Air Pipe Left Side
  • 08F – Compression Pipe Upper
  • 08G – Intake Air Pipe Right Side
  • 08H – Compression Pipe Lower
  • 3 x CM Screws (+1 extra)
  • 4 x EP Screws (+2 extra)
  • 1 x FP Screws (+1 extra)
  • 2 x HP Screws (+1 extra)
  • 2 x MP Screws (+1 extra)

Materials: Everything in this phase is plastic.


The Engine Intake Hose

Step 01

Position the tab on the flat end of the Intake Air Pipe Left Side over the screw hole on this end of the Inlet Hose Parts, and secure with one (1) EP screw:

Step 02

Fit the Intake Air Pipe Right Side to the Intake Air Pipe Left Side as shown:

Secure these parts together with two (2) EP screws:

Step 03

Fit the Compression Pipe Upper to the end of the Intake Air Pipe assembly as shown, and secure with one (1) EP screw:

Step 04

Align the Compression Pipe Lower to the Compression Pipe Upper as shown. There is a keyed hole that fits over the mounting post:

Secure this with one (1) FP screw:

Step 05

Fit the wide end of the Intake Hose Branch over this pin inside the Engine Intake Hose, as shown:

Step 06

Join the Inlet Hose Parts assembly from earlier to this Engine Intake Hose assembly, as shown:

Secure these together with two (2) MP screws:

Step 07

Attach the Intake Pipes Heat Shield to the Inlet Hose Parts with two (2) HP screws:

This is what you should have so far:

Step 08

Insert the free ends of the Inlet Hose Parts assembly into these slots of the Engine Cylinder Head (from the previous phase), which should align all three holes:

Secure the assemblies together with three (3) CM screws as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


I do appreciate that there is some custom paint and chrome work on these parts. It helps bring authenticity to the build. Keep this assembly handy as we will add to it in the next phase.

Next Up

Phase 09 – Engine: Cylinder Head Cover, Tensioning Screws, Ignition Cables/Duct, Distributor and Cables

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