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“In this phase, you will join the exhaust manifolds to the engine cylinder head and fit the exhaust front pipe.”




  • 07A – Engine Cylinder Head
  • 07B – Front Exhaust Manifold
  • 07C – Rear Exhaust Manifold
  • 07D – Exhaust Front Pipe
  • 07E – Exhaust Front Pipe Connector Seal
  • 4 x DM Screws (+2 extra)

Materials: The Engine Cylinder Head is metal, but the rest of the parts are plastic.

Free Gift #2 – Collector’s Binder

Magazine – Issue 3

  • Assembly Guide: Model Instructions
  • Track Legends: The Porsche 550 Spyder and Aston Martin DBR1
  • The Story of Motorsports: The First “Horseless Carriages” and Earliest Automobile Engines
  • Ace Racers: Rudolf Caracciola
  • Challenging Circuits: AVUS Circuit


The Engine Cylinder Head

Step 01

Slide the tabs of the Front Exhaust Manifold into these slots of the Engine Cylinder Head:

Then, secure the manifold to the Engine Cylinder Head with two (2) DM screws:

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Repeat this step with the Rear Exhaust Manifold, securing it as shown with two (2) DM screws:

Step 03

Slide the Exhaust Front Pipe Connector Seals over the ends of the exhaust manifolds.

The pegs on the ends of the manifolds have keyed posts:

These match the keyholes in the Exhaust Front Pipe Connector Seals:

Be sure to slide them on with the narrow raised end towards the pipes:

Step 04

Press the Exhaust Front Pipe onto the protruding pegs of the manifolds as shown, trapping the seals in between:


We are one step closer to completing this car’s fantastic little engine! Keep this assembly nearby as we will need it again in the next phase.

Next Up

Phase 08 – Engine: Intake Manifold, Heat Shield, Air Intake Tube, Compressor Intake

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