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“In this phase, you will assemble the oil radiator, then fix it to the left side of the crankcase. Next, you’ll attach the crankcase to the left engine block.”

And just like that, we are returning to more engine parts! This phase will require the block assembly from Phase 04.



  • 06A – Crankcase
  • 06B – Oil Filter
  • 06C – Cover (Oil Radiator)
  • 06D – Tank (Oil Radiator)
  • 06E – Pipe (Oil Radiator)
  • 2 x CM Screws (+1 extra)
  • 1 x MM Screw (+1 extra)
  • 1 x CP Screw (+1 extra)
  • 1 x EP Screw (+1 extra)

Materials: Only the Crankcase is metal in this phase – everything else is plastic.


The Crankcase and the Oil Radiator

Step 01

Position the curved end of the Pipe (Oil Radiator) into the notch of the Tank (Oil Radiator), aligning the holes:

Secure these together with one (1) CP screw:

Step 02

Fit this assembly to the outer side of the Crankcase and secure with one (1) MM screw as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 03

Place the Cover (Oil Radiator) onto the Tank (Oil Radiator) aligning the three pins into the matching holes:

Step 04

Secure the Oil Filter onto the lower face of the Crankcase with one (1) EP screw, as shown:

Step 05

Take the Left Engine Block assembly (from Phase 04) and fit it inside the Crankcase as shown. Secure with two (2) CM screws:


The engine is really starting to take shape and it looks fantastic! Keep this assembly safe until the next issue as all four phases are more engine parts.

Next Up

Phase 07 – Engine: Cylinder Head, Front/Rear Exhaust Manifolds, Front Seals

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