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“In this phase, you will fit the tire onto the rim of the front left wheel and its brake drum.”




  • 02A – Front Left Tire
  • 02B – Front Left Rim
  • 02C – Brake Drum
  • 02D – Support Plate and Brake Lines
  • 02E – Hubcap
  • 3 x MM screws (+1 extra)


Phillips Head Screwdriver (appears to be size #000 or 1.5mm)


The Front Left Wheel

Step 01

The Front Left Tire should be allowed to soak in hot water (170F/75C) for a few minutes to soften it:

Step 02

Place the Front Left Rim inside the Front Left Tire and carefully press the sides to even it out. Take care to not damage the tiny inflation valve:

Step 03

Attach the Brake Drum to the inside of the Front Left Rim and attach with two (2) MM screws.

TIP: Since these are the first screws of the build that drive into metal, I want to take a moment to recommend you read my 3-in-One Oil page. I did not start using this oil until much later in my build, but it has made such a difference I came back here to mention it now.

Step 04

The Hubcap and Support Plate and Brake Lines parts will not be used in this issue. Put them aside in a safe place for now.


This completes the two phases of Issue 1. The Front Left Rim is solid metal, the tire is rubber, the brake line is PVC tubing, and the rest is plastic. Keep all of these parts safe for a while as they will not be used again until Phase 21.

Next Up

Phase 03 – Interior: Dashboard, Turn Signals and Windshield Wiper Stalks, Gauges, Steering Wheel/Column

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