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“In this phase, you will fit the tire onto the rim of the front left wheel and its brake drum.”




  • 02A – Front Left Tire
  • 02B – Front Left Rim
  • 02C – Brake Drum
  • 02D – Support Plate and Brake Lines
  • 02E – Hubcap
  • 3 x MM screws (+1 extra)

Materials: The Front Left Rim is metal, the tire and brake line are PVC, and the rest is plastic.


Phillips Head Screwdriver (appears to be size #000 or 1.5mm)


The Front Left Wheel

Step 01

The Front Left Tire should be allowed to soak in hot water (170F/75C) for a few minutes to soften it:

Step 02

Place the Front Left Rim inside the Front Left Tire and carefully press the sides to even it out. Take care to not damage the tiny inflation valve:

Step 03

Attach the Brake Drum to the inside of the Front Left Rim and attach with two (2) MM screws.

TIP: Since these are the first screws of the build that drive into metal, I want to take a moment to recommend you read my 3-in-One Oil page. I did not start using this oil until much later in my build, but it has made such a difference I came back here to mention it now.

Step 04

The Hubcap and Support Plate and Brake Lines parts will not be used in this phase. Put them aside in a safe place for now.


This completes the two phases of Issue 1. Keep all of these parts safe for a while as they will not be used again until Phase 21.

Next Up

Phase 03 – Interior: Dashboard, Turn Signals and Windshield Wiper Stalks, Gauges, Steering Wheel/Column

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