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“Place the cover over the bodywork to protect your Mercedes 300 SL.”




  • 101A – Car Cover

Materials: The Car Cover is nylon.


The Protective Cover

Steps 01-3

Position the Car Cover with the logo at the front and gently stretch the cover over the corners of the car. Simple as that.

This cover is black nylon with a nicely silk-screened white Mercedes-Benz 300 SL logo over the hood area. The base edge is elastic to stretch over the car and hold the cover in place:


While this phase is included in the magazines, the Car Cover is not technically considered part of the build. It is an extra bonus part to help protect the car from dust, moisture, and scratches while stored. Since I display my partwork models in a glass cabinet I will not use it, but I will keep it just in case.

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Final Thoughts (Coming Soon)

6 thoughts on “PHASE 101”

  1. I cannot believe that I’m waiting a year to get parts!!! Horrible service. I have a rolling chassis and nothing else.

    1. Same here! I happen to see the entire kit on eBay from a seller in France. Saw it, bought it and then called Eaglemoss to cancel everything. Waiting over a year to get parts with no sound explanation why is UNACCEPTABLE!

      I’ll never buy anything from them again! 😡

  2. Similar situation to Bruce and Bill. I’d cancelled my subscription out of annoyance and frustration. I continued following your build. Once I saw you were regularly getting lots of parts I signed back up. That was a month or 6 weeks ago. I am scheduled for 8 issues every week. I’ve received nothing.

    1. I wish there was something I could do. I had many multi-month delays, then they just started coming fast until the end.

  3. I still have not received parts in a year almost. I call and they say covid is the problem. I don’t believe that. They keep advertising other kits and we are forgotten about.

    1. Bruce,

      I’ve bought parts on eBay. I was lucky enough to find someone in the US selling a mostly complete kit for a reasonable price. I’m on issue 70 (headlights). So far everything is going great.

      I did end up with a ton of spare parts. In order to get decent prices, I bought parts by the lot. When I’m done with my build, it’s my plan to sell the spares. I’ll either do that on eBay or Facebook. I will likely sell them for a bit more than what Eaglemoss charged. I hope to recoup my outlay. I don’t plan to gouge, though. I’m guessing I’ll charge $15-$20 per issue plus shipping. The kit I bought was missing 68, 69, & 75. Someone on eBay wanted $400 for those three issues.

      If you’re interested in any parts, let me know. Once I’m done, I’ll inventory what I have for spares.

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