During the build of this Eaglemoss/IXO 1:8 scale Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing partwork model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts/screws supplied in each phase. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

PhaseContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Grille and Hood4477
02Left Front Wheel5929
03Instrument Panel615514
04Left Engine Block1025721
05Front Bumper631829
06Crankcase and Oil Radiator536534
07Engine Cylinder Head642438
08Engine Intake Hose8501250
09Cylinder Head Cover and Distributor1464656
10Alternator and Water Pump872561
11Engine Fan779263
12Oil Lines483063
13Gearbox and Clutch Housings689871
14Main Chassis190273
15Left Chassis7971588
16Right Chassis410114102
17Bulkhead/Rear Frames510612114
18Left Front Suspension911512126
19Right Front Suspension912412138
20Steering Tie Rod21264142
21Right Front Wheel71334146
22Rear Axle61392148
24Left Rear Wheel81514159
25Rear Suspension51565164
26Right Rear Wheel81645169
27Oil Reservoir817210179
28Coolant Expansion Tank41762181
29Axle Guards and Battery518113194
31Ignition/Headlight Relays61925199
32Firewall Details82008207
33Windshield Wiper Motor920912219
35Honeycomb Heat Exchanger62202226
36Floor Pan12210226
37Interior Carpets32240226
38Pedals, Gear Shift, Hand Brake92339235
39Luggage Compartment Carpet12340235
40Left Seat42387242
41Right Seat42427249
42Side Panel Liners22446255
43Luggage Compartment12458263
44Firewall Support Struts22472265
45Suitcase Straps42510265
46Large Suitcase12520265
47Small Suitcase12530265
49Switch and Wires22596273
50Dashboard Support Frame426312285
51Control Circuit Board62699294
53Front Windshield12710294
54Rear Quarter Glass22730294
55Rear Window12742296
56Main Body Shell127510306
57Left Door12760306
58Left Door Headliner/Window22782308
59Left Door Inner Panel12796314
60Right Door12800314
61Right Door Headliner/Window22822316
62Right Door Inner Panel12836322
63Door's Hinges1029314336
64Front Roof Liner113047343
65Rear Roof Liner530910353
66Left Door Sill Liner33124357
67Right Door Sill Liner23144361
68Rear Bumper53194365
69Rear License Plate53248373
70Front Headlights93334377
71Rear Lights53382379
72Installing the Hood63448387
73Trunk Lid Hinges73510387
74Installing the Trunk Lid13526393
75Air Vent Grille, Wipers, and Side Mirror43565398
76Fender Grilles and Trim63624402
77Front Fender Moldings23646408
78Rear Fender Moldings23666414
79Trunk Wall13672416
80Trunk Floor13680416
81Trunk Floor Carpet13690416
82Trunk Floor Accessories63757423
83Spare Wheel Rim13760423
84Spare Tire33793426
85Front Left Engine Bay Liner53843429
86Front Left Wheel Arch Liner13856435
87Front Right Engine Bay Liner23870435
88Front Right Wheel Arch Liner13886441
89Rear Left Wheel Arch Liner13894445
90Rear Right Wheel Arch Liner439312457
91Battery Box23953460
92Left Sill Rocker Panel/Trim Rail23974464
93Right Sill Rocker Panel/Trim Rail23994468
94Front Undertray140010478
95Center Undertray14010478
96Exhaust Pipe14021479
97Rear Undertray340527506
98Battery Box Cover14066512


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