Phases 27+ Delayed

I noticed that I did not receive any issues last month (December 2019). I just spoke to Eaglemoss and they said that the Issue 8 magazine (not the parts) for Phases 27-30 is out of stock. It should be available again on January 13, so hopefully we can continue our model then.

This is a troubling trend for all of my part work builds. Delays from lack of availability is very common and not just with Eaglemoss. My DeAgostini and Hachette builds suffer from the same problem. I guess it is just what we have to get used to…

UPDATE Jan 17, 2020: I spoke to Eaglemoss today and they did receive these issues on the 13th and are currently processing them. They are expected to ship out next Tuesday, the 21st.

UPDATE Feb 5, 2020: Well, Eaglemoss now says these are not available again. The magazine is not in stock. Word is that they should now go out before March 12th.

UPDATE May 18, 2020: I finally received Phases 27-30, as well as the Specification Stand and Display Stand gifts. However, Phase 27 had a malformed part that is missing a mounting hole (see below) and Phase 30 had a hole in the bag and a few parts were missing. I had to call Eaglemoss and replace both phases. We shall see how long this takes…

UPDATE June 11, 2020: I have received my next shipment of Phases 31-34 and my replacement Phase 30, but I am still waiting on the re-ship of Phase 27.

UPDATE June 21, 2020: I finally received my replacement Phase 27. I also received Issue 10 containing Phases 35-38, so I will get to work!